Staff interview at Frontline Magazine Distribution

Introducing Agate Howard

Name: Agate Howard

Current job: Logistics co-ordinator in Supply Chain

Joined Frontline: 2017

My role in basic terms is about getting the magazines to the wholesalers ready for distribution. That means speaking to printers, wholesalers, publishers and hauliers. The logistical landscape is constantly changing as magazine sizes impact on how things are packed which, in turn, has a knock-on effect on transport and delivery. This means keeping our retail partners updated and ensuring this is a good experience for them.

I have a portfolio of 30-plus titles to co-ordinate. It’s always busy, and very fast paced. I enjoy coming to work which I couldn’t say in my last job and there are people who have been here for 20 years which I see as a good sign.

The company wants you to develop and get better. When opportunities open up, they want you to step up and grow yourself. You are encouraged to better yourself which is a real positive for me.

Future ambition

I want to stay with a company that looks after me which Frontline does. I want to develop within my role to make sure I’m 100% able, then talk to my manager to see what is the next thing. I could possibly jump into the export space as obviously we distribute abroad too; I’m learning all the time; Christmas, for instance, throws up its own challenges, and there are new titles coming on board all the time. Two years have flown by, I’ve never stood still, so it is a great place for me to grow.

H2: Which three words best describe Frontline

Ever moving forwards.

What’s the Frontline culture like

We have canteen catch-ups and supply chain catch-ups, it’s clear the company has a plan in place and this makes you feel really secure about your own role and knowing things are going to grow.
There’s lots of flexibility – it’s about give and take and a good work ethic.

Tips for interviewees

Be yourself. When I came for an interview I was interviewed by managers but it didn’t feel like they were. I hate interviews but this one was very free and relaxed, it wasn’t as daunting as I expected it to be so my advice is to relax and be yourself.