Category Management team

Management of range and display is the single most important factor to get right when retailing magazines and we give it our full attention.

Our category management teams work with retailers to shape future strategy, improving visual merchandising, influencing store layout, providing customer insight and shopper mission management – everything to ensure each store maximises the return on space.

Industry leaders in category management

Our Frontline category management team is consistently scored as industry leading and is an essential part of our retail facing offer.

In a tough trading environment our approach is to look at every challenge through an optimistic lens – and our performance reflects this. Our starting point is to take the challenge and work backwards from, to find the solution.

Category management in retailing

We are ambitious about our capabilities and this benefits our retailers who can see real change for the better. This always works best where we can establish a partnership arrangement.

We are delighted to say we are acquiring new retailers all the time and these relationships are based upon straight talking which earns mutual respect. We are also proud of the fact that in the retail universe we are widely accepted as the experts.

Supporting our publishing partners

With our publishing partners, we are thought leaders. Previously, we used to have a more passive role but now it is often the Frontline category managers who are leading the agenda.

We want to challenge the status quo in this industry – for all the right reasons – and our publishers appreciate this and see the value and benefit to them of us doing so.

For the category management team – from account management roles through to category management and shopper marketing and insight jobs – all of whom are self-starters, self-motivators, with a lot of autonomy, this is an immensely rewarding area of the Frontline business to be working in right now.