Staff interview at Frontline Magazine Distribution

Daniel Norcott says hello

Name: Daniel Norcott

Current job: Commercial copy planner, Supply Chain

Joined Frontline: 2017

I came straight from University (Exeter). I was studying politics but applying statistical concepts to real life problems. I arrived at Frontline via an agency. I wanted an analytical, numbers-based role but with that element of real-world problem solving.

A typical day for me consists of reviewing our wholesale clients and their allocations. This is a fundamental check and balance in the supply chain process. I’m also training and developing two new planners and am involved in an-going project which looks at further improvements to efficiencies in allocations and stock placement.

You don’t know what challenges you are going to face when you come in, in the morning. Given the diversity of titles we work across – for instance, we might be working on a title with a print run of a million copies (TV Choice) or a bird watching magazine with an 8,000 print run – both have different issues and demands and this is what keeps you on your toes and makes the analysis work so satisfying. These are positive challenges and you get a lot out of this. Problem solving is an interesting part of the role.

Future ambition

I am looking forward to expanding my role with more project work. I’m also really enjoying the training and development and doing more of this as a routine part of my day to day work.

Tell us about the company culture

In many other companies you can be heavily micro managed with a role that is strictly defined by other people; what I find here, they strongly encourage you to challenge the status quo and if you have an idea on how things should be changed, you shouldn’t be afraid to go and talk about it.
I also have a lot of autonomy in my role; there is this in-built respect for people’s work and a belief they can do it effectively and efficiently.

Three words that sum up Frontline for you

Openness, diversity, challenge (in a positive way)

Any tips to give future interviewees

From the perspective of a copy planner, refine your excel skills!