Finance team is integral to the business

Finance is not isolated from the business, it is integral. Our team has to be close to what’s happening, otherwise how can we help and that is essential.

Diversity of the finance team

As a forward-thinking business, that’s not prepared to stand still, our finance team performs a lot of functions over and above the regular. Working up business case scenarios from a cost and problem-solving perspective is a prime example. The bespoke nature of the business needs a bespoke approach.

Anyone currently working in a finance team, wherever you are in the world, understands there are standard tasks you will have to do. But, here, we are a conduit between the publishers and the retailers – this means a lot of the costs we process can’t simply sit against our profit and loss account, they are charged back out.

In addition to this, with our shareholders to consider and third party clients too, life in the finance team is varied, fast-paced and never ever dull. We even find time to provide first-line legal advice.

Developing the team from within

Our culture is to develop and train from within and jumping from one skill set to another within Frontline is not uncommon. The opportunities for you to grow as a person are there.

Our finance team are made up of purchase ledgers, sales ledgers and jobs in management accounts and commercial accounts. Our people have to be system-centric; have a mind for systems and a real interest in delving deeper.