What’s core?

Like any finance team, we deliver on a daily basis all those critical tasks such as collecting cash from our customers, paying our suppliers, fulfilling regulatory requirements with auditors, HMRC and Companies House and reporting to the business on our financial performance against budget and forecasts.

What may be different?

We manage an array of services for our publishers, so many of the costs we process don’t just go to our profit and loss account, but have to be charged back out again.  We are also the source of key revenue information for our publishers

Technology is key.  Across the group the Finance teams interact with over 10 different systems.

With a parent company in Germany, we report in both UK GAAP and German GAAP.

Maintaining a great working relationship with the business is critical for us and we support the business in a number of ways.  This can be in the form of analytical support, advising on cost and accounting implications of decisions or offering first-line legal support. 

Whatever the requirement we work in a fast paced evolving environment and have to be adaptable and flexible to business needs, to find workable solutions around systems and processes whilst maintaining the fundamental integrity of our financial transactions.