Staff interview at Frontline Magazine Distribution

Gavin Hyde

Describe a typical working day?

My role within Frontline as a Category Manager means that my days are never the same from one to the next.  When I come into the office I grab a coffee and review my diary and list of current on-going work.  Our business is fast paced and as such there is a lot of cross department interaction throughout the day, whether at someone’s desk or as part of a larger meeting.  My department works very closely together which is one of the many things I enjoy about working for Frontline.  We are always firing questions to each other about magazines and working closely to ensure that as a team, we get the right results.  On any given day I could have my head down analysing numbers, giving a presentation to our management team, deriving insight on the magazine category or meeting with our partners to talk through performance.  One thing is for sure, my job is never dull and that’s the way I like it!

 What’s the highlight of your job so far?

The knowledge I have been able to glean from all avenues of the magazine business and the continued opportunity to extend my experience within the business.

Describe what it’s like to work at Frontline.

Frontline is a fast paced business, reacting quickly to market movements and competitor activity.  The environment that is created here is one that I embrace and enjoy being a part of.  We all work hard for each other and together enjoy the rewards that success brings.  There is a genuine “Team” ethos within Frontline that is encouraged by our management team and embraced by all who work at Frontline.

What do you enjoy most about working at Frontline?

Everyone that works at Frontline is approachable and eager to achieve the same goal………….Success !

How did you get your job/how did you find out about your job?

My sister had worked at Frontline for 8 years and had always described it as a great business to work for.  When an opportunity arrived to apply for a job here, I jumped at it.

Why did you join Frontline?

After hearing all the benefits of working for Frontline from my sister I joined at the first opportunity.

What’s the first magazine you bought and why?

EMPIRE – Because I love movies and it has the best content.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Famous songwriter, singer.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to sing, write and record music and pretty much any sport going!

What’s your favourite Frontline memory?

Summer BBQ 2 weeks before my official start date.  I was invited to meet up with all the staff and start getting to know people at the annual summer bbq which I thought was a great touch.