Information Services

Frontline is very much led by the capabilities of its information systems and the high quality of data analysis to deliver real positive performance impact.

The Information Systems team develops innovative and creative leading edge bespoke IT solutions which drive the competitiveness of the organisation. The team is also responsible for ensuring a high quality operational service supporting the complex array of technologies essential to the smooth running of the business.

Frontline is an information led business and the Commercial Analysis team delivers best in class high quality performance enhancing insight throughout the company. Our team of respected and experienced analysts use advanced statistical tools such as SAS to deliver key insights to Frontline and its publishers. These insights are a critical part of the commercial decision making process. This level of performance enhancing insight relies on high quality data. Our specialist team of data integrity analysts ensure that all the sources of data used to feed analytical processes is checked and cleaned before use.

Turning vast quantities of raw data into actionable knowledge for our publisher owners helps ensure we remain market leading.