Staff interview at Frontline Magazine Distribution

Laurence Hoefling

Describe a typical working day?

The no.1 job of the day is to assess if any cash needs moving from or to our global treasury funds.  These funds offer a higher interest rate than our business current account so I try to keep as much excess cash there as possible.

I’m the primary contact for Bauer finance (Germany), so upon request I give them breakdowns of current cash balances, headcount and financial accounts data for Frontline, Seymour Distribution and Seymour International.

It’s also my job to oversee the management accounts processes in Finance.  These tasks range from the Sterling invoice run to making sure we comply with all legal requirements e.g. VAT payments.

What’s the highlight of your job so far?

It has to be getting an unqualified audit report from Grant Thornton (a clean audit) for our 2012 Frontline accounts. This was the first year I had complete control of the audit process.

Describe what it’s like to work at Frontline/ What do you enjoy most about working at Frontline?

As we are owned by 4 different publishers they often want different things, so it can be quite challenging to meet all their expectations.  However, it does mean there is always some kind of project to be involved in, which leaves no excuses for being bored at work.

How did you get your job/how did you find out about your job?

I started my Frontline career working for Seymour Distribution in Returns, then I moved to Seymour International as the Overseas Credit Controller.  Eventually I’ve ended up in the Frontline Finance team, initially as the Assistant Accountant and now as the Financial Accountant.

Why did you join Frontline?

Frontline seemed to be the most interesting company who offered me a job, I was really impressed that, back then, I would get Emap shares as part of my remuneration package.

What’s the first magazine you bought and why?

FHM, more than likely for the pictures….. I mean the game reviews.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to do something which earned me lots of money.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Going on holiday has to be at the top of the list, quite a few people around the office call me ‘Judith Chalmers’.  Don’t know why though, I only had 5 holidays last year.

What’s your favourite Frontline memory?

Going on holiday with a few other Frontliner’s.  We try and go away for a weekend every year and have managed to go to Prague, Berlin and Brussels to so far.

Favourite quote from our travels –

Paul – ‘How long did you stay at the bar for after we went at 2am?’

Bill – ‘Don’t know, I just left when I ran out of money’