Our approach to newstrade marketing

Our newstrade marketing approach sets us apart in the magazine industry. While the team are Frontline people they physically work within their respective publishers’ office. That means getting truly embedded in the magazine titles they work for and living and breathing everything there is about the title.

All about the strategy

We have staff working in London, Bristol, Colchester, as well as Peterborough. Being part of the internal publishing team allows us to be 100% in tune with them. We bring a commercial arm to the front end, creating a strategy that fits the publishers’ objectives. Our aim always is to have the best possible plan to maximise magazine sales and minimise waste.

There’s nothing more pleasing than seeing some great results come through. For instance, the Spring 2019 issue of Gardeners’ World was the biggest for five years. It has trebled its revenue over this period while still managing to put up its price. We’ve worked hard with the publisher on ways to add value to the title, encouraging greater retail space and harder promotion. The results speak for themselves.

We’ve had lots of positive results for a long list of titles and this is what drives us.

Managing circulation and budgets

We invest a significant amount of money with retail every year, on behalf of our publishers. The newstrade marketing team is responsible for ensuring this money is spent at the right retailers, on the right titles and at the right time.

Working in the newstrade industry

Our Frontline newstrade team are jacks of all trades and often chameleons who can adapt and change. But above all, they have a commercial head and are exceptional with numbers. As much of the team work remotely, they are self-starters, out-going people who have a real talent in communication and influence.

Against a tough trading environment, publishers are now starting to see sales even out over digital, events, radio and e-commerce, in particular. This makes the highly creative and entertaining culture of newstrade marketing an even more exciting place to be right now.