Driving sales in retail

The primary aim of our retail team is to drive profitable sales across our retail and wholesale accounts.

We investigate performance drivers and develop new sales influencing initiatives, such as range management, original magazine display solutions, improved retail communication and knowledge and bespoke retail sales promotions.

Spearheading solutions for retailers

We defied the experts who told us it would take millions of pounds of funding to devise technology for a store specific ranging solution. After seven years of work and testing, by some incredibly bright people within our business, we achieved just this, allowing 3,000 Tesco stores to make an order, simply at the push of a button.

Working with all retailers

Working with the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) we strive to develop the sales of magazines within the UK’s and Ireland’s 35,000-plus independent retailers and includes monthly merchandising calls in 2,500 independent retailers.

We also have partnerships with some of the main small and mid-range retailers on our High Streets as the switch to convenience consumer shopping continues to grow.

Supporting our wholesalers

Our retail team has strong relationships with our wholesalers to ensure performance is always in line with our strategy.

Developing new business

There is an incredible amount of energy and initiative in our retail team with some universally brilliant people. Nowhere is this more evident than in our new business strand where we are continually exploring non-traditional outlets for magazine sales. We see this very much as a growth opportunity.

A small team with massive impact

Although we may be a relatively small business, we have massive contractual spend in the magazine market, sourcing services for 68% market share. That makes Frontline a very exciting place to be.