Sitting uniquely across the Sales and Supply chain departments, the Wholesale and Field Sales (WFS) team has a wide remit. Directly linked to the Frontline mission, the primary aim of the WFS team is to drive profitable sales in our retail and wholesale accounts. Accounting for over 38% of total Frontline revenue, the accounts below are vitally important to the success of the business as a whole. Our dynamic team investigate performance drivers and develop new sales driving initiatives; such as range management, original magazine display solutions, improved retail communication and knowledge, and bespoke retail sales promotions.

Independent retailers

Working closely with the NFRN (National Federation of Retail Newsagents) we strive to develop the sales of magazines within the UK and Ireland’s 35,000+ Independent retailers.

Our work in Independent retailers is supported by field marketing activity for Frontline including monthly merchandising calls in 2,500 Independent retailers.

Small and Mid-Range retail accounts

We have category partnerships with retail accounts including Martin McColl’s and Spar.  Such accounts are at the forefront of the recent switch in shopping habits towards the more ‘Convenience’ approach.


We manage the relationship and performance of our wholesalers (Smiths News and Menzies Distribution) to facilitate our strategy.

New Business

Another strand is new business opportunities for selling our magazines in non-traditional magazine selling outlets e.g. selling crafting magazines in Hobbycraft.  The rise in prominence of ‘Discounters’ such as Aldi, Lidl and Wilkinson’s has resulted in a greater focus recently, a trend set to increase in the future.