Staff interview at Frontline Magazine Distribution

Meet Stuart Clark

Name: Stuart Clark

Current job: Commercial copy manager, but currently seconded to a five-year project.

Joined Frontline: 2014

I have a lead role within this replenishment project and there are areas where I am out of my comfort zone, so I have some amazing steer and mentorship from the business leaders who probably know me, and how I operate, better than I know myself.

The project means I need to talk to people right across the business as well as third parties; this has been a steep learning curve in terms of how everything works together, seeing the business as a whole. But it is so rewarding, particularly when we complete a stage and move onto the next.

As part of this I’ve been put on external management development courses which I take very seriously – this is a large investment in me and invaluable.

Future ambition

We have development maps rather than personal developments reviews. It’s a new way of thinking about ourselves. As a person I’m not someone who has a job title in my head and aims for it, but I have reflected on what I want as an employee and it’s that ‘winning’ mindset and what comes of that, comes of that. So, I tell myself, ‘what do we need to do today, let’s go and do it and help people along the way, give advice, share knowledge, etc’. That is what I’m aiming for – to do my best.

What’s the company culture like

Our senior team are exceptional with some great role models in there – how they act and behave, the quality of their work, they are the industry experts. Our analysts are some of the best in the UK, they have won the awards; the experience in our logistics team is exceptional; the supply chain team know how to build relationships the right way – and all of this comes from good leadership.

There is a continual drive to be the best in the industry and we are not happy to be anything else or do sub-standard work which is great.

Three words that best describe Frontline, in your opinion

The industry’s best!

Any tips for future candidates

The best thing they can do is research the company – who we are, what companies do we work with, we are a supply chain company first and foremost, so look at who we might work with – wholesalers, printers, publishers, etc. Also, in preparing, dust off the old calculator skills and excel skills – people get phased by this, so do some practise.

Prepare some answers and base them on examples of where you’ve worked before and done something different, for instance: solutions to problems, how you effect change.