Staff interview at Frontline Magazine Distribution

Welcome to Helen Selves

Name: Helen Selves

Current job: Commercial copy manager, Supply Chain for Seymours, looking after 3rd party distributors.

Joined Frontline: 2014

I work alongside the account managers for the publishers to decide volumes of magazines for each retailer based upon previous sales performance. Basically, I do spreadsheets every day. It might  not seem such a glamorous side of magazines, but I love it!

I joined five years ago as a commercial copy planner, was promoted to copy manager in 2017 and now manage a team of three planners. I work on children’s magazines. I regularly meet with my publisher to review how their titles are performing; it’s one of the largest categories of magazines, and is fascinating.

At this company, if you are willing to develop and work hard they will help you as much as they can. I’m outgoing and pushing myself to do things outside my comfort zone so it’s been a mutual journey to get to where I am now.

Future ambition

I really enjoy working in the supply chain so trying to gain as much knowledge and understanding and getting as much exposure at the moment is most important to me.

Are there three words to sum up the company

Fun, rewarding, loyal.

Any thoughts on the company culture

The people are the best bit about the job, everyone is really friendly and approachable. I like that the company isn’t hierarchical, for instance, if a director has a question he comes direct to us, it’s not filtered down through the ranks. Where I worked before I couldn’t look a director in the eye and that’s important to me.

I’ve recommended two people to the business and both have been a success and are currently enjoying their job. I knew they were the sort of people who work hard and would put in the work and want the same as I do.

Tips for anyone prepping for an interview

Always be honest as it will serve you better in the long run and do your research.